Won OutstandingAward @Deloitte

Won Outstanding Award for building innovative solutions for Virtual Assistant platforms such as Alexa, Google Assistant, Chatbots and developing extensible framework for enterprise solutions for platforms such as Salesforce, AWS etc... A proud moment for me and my family.

TJBot- Edward says Hi

I have developed TJBot whose name is Edward powered by IBM Watson. It does a very cool stuff such as Dancing, Singing conversing and understanding emotions.

Watson cognitive apis' such as Assistant, Speech To Text, Text to Speech, Tone Analyzer, IoT Platform and Node Red was used to build the bot.

Created Multi-Threading framework using java for running the bot.

Here's the video of Edward:-

Won US India Analytics Summit

This time won the championship of US India Analytics Summit 2k17 so happy and proud to share the news.

The challenge of the competition was to innovate and create data channels for Analytics over Augmented and Virtual Reality platforms by having working prototype

and I cracked the competition by developing a platform solution which creates analytics and learns data over Artificial Intelligence First Approach by having in-house engineering creating SDK’s and Frameworks for Augmented and Virtual Reality platforms.

More Awards from Deloitte

It feels so proud to win one more award at Deloitte and its so special receiving the award from Technology Leader of Deloitte.
This really boosts the energy and makes it go on and on.

Overall Champion-US-TMT-Challenge-Winner

My idea of HoTBot a solution for Smart Hotels and a development of Integrated platform solutions over Augmented Reality, IoT, Salesforce and IBM Watson has made me won Overall Champions of US-TMT-Challenge for TMT Industry. Feels so proud to compete among the best teams across globe and winning the competition is always a dream come true.

Singapore Days

Myself and my wife were fortunate to travel down to Singapore and celebrate my birthday in such a beautiful, safe and prosperous country.

It made me feel proud to be there for 5 days and see the beauty and some of the highlighting features of the country.

I could see the small differences when compared to other developing countries which I think has made a huge difference to the growth of Singapore

Every 500 to 700mtrs you can see drinking water available and especially in MRT and Bus stations you will see clean toilets and adding to temperatures of Singapore you can see AC's everywhere you travel around.

Food and drinks are availbale at the same cost be it airport or any public place which makes a huge difference I believe for a common man to buy something.

People in Singapore follow Q's and this is really a big plus point, everywhere be it MRT station, Bus stop or while using the escalators people follow Q's and allow others who are in hurry to reach destination.

MRT or Bus station charges are so affordable to a common man or to the tourist's which makes people use more public transportation rather private.

All public places are well equipped with automated systems and transport is automatized in such a way that you are safe to reach your destination where you might start from.

People are helpful and for Vegetarians options are very little but the place Little India solves that problem as well.

Overall we could carry sweet memories back with us. Posting some of the pics which are so dear to us.

My 1st award and recognition @ Deloitte

Thrilled to receive these recognition in a short span from US-India Director for the efforts put into the project. Received appreciations from my Manager and Scrum Master which just made me feel proud for being what I am today.

From my Manager:-

 From my Scrum Master:-

Going Green!!!

Its time to rethink and invest on Solar powered devices and much needed in countries like India.
Just thinking if I can really help and put my efforts in this area.
Below are some of my solar powered devices which I had bought from the store exhibited @Oracle Hyderabad office

RK-Wedding Book

 Snapshots and Video presentation of RK-WeddingBook Android Application:-

  • RK-WeddingBook Display Software:-

  • RK-WeddingBook Mobile App:-

  • RK-WeddingBook Pre-Wedding Photo shoot:-

Guest Lecture on Enterprise Mobile App Development

Thrilled to be at Cvr Coe for inviting me to give "Guest lecture on "Mobile Enterprise Application development"" for CSE and IT final year students.
Presenting in front of my teachers and sharing what I have learnt and earned is always a blessing.Thanks to Raghava Morusupalli, Nagesh sir, Satyamurty Cherukupalli Sir for inviting me and refreshing my memories @ CVR & presenting me one of the priceless and one of the most precious memento that I could have ever got in my life.

25th Birthday Celebrations

The best 25th birthday that I could have ever had, I could make so many lovable friends on this friendship day, feeling blessed :)

ICE SPORTATHON, Cricket 2015

We stood as Runner up in the Cricket tournament that held among 28 teams in Oracle Pune campus and I gave my best as opening batsman by scoring highest runs in the tournament and as bowler to score the 2nd best team from playing league matches to final match. Really I had a memorable journey and lots of fun and emotions gathered together :)

Team Valiant-8

Mircrosoft Azure Conference Last day

Last Day @ Microsoft Azure Conference, just amazing experience meeting dignitaries and the most memorable moment when I met Microsoft Marketing Head, just loved the day :) 

Microsoft Azure Conference 2015 @ JW Marriott, Pune

An amazing 2 day conference from Microsoft,pleasure to get invited as a delegate for the conference & thrilled to see Microsoft Chairman & with lots of innovations & could learn lot of new things about Azure, Cloud & Internet of things which I always love to learn.Fascinated to see lot of my ideas get platform by this conference & happy to be part of this great event :)

Intel Software Conference 2015 @ Le Meridien, Pune

Its indeed a great exposure while attending as delegate for Intel conference, lots of innovations and new learning experiences, new people & getting invited by Intel for such kind of conferences is always a great pleasure.

This year conference focused on Intel Studio & Intel Edison & Real Sense Camera from Intel which were really amazing with their performances.

Lots to learn and to do as engineers :)