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1) 1st Economics Presentation in 2009

Description: My first presentation in my college in the year 2009,2nd September related to statistical economics session which was of 40 min. Really had great time and in fact I am thankful to my teacher who actually gave me a chance to showcase my presentation skills in front of my class and that was the day where I realized my presentation skills, confidence, boldness that I had in me and after that I presented 34 presentations which includes 20 at the national level and 14 at the state level and all were innovation driven.I once again like to thank my teacher for the support she gave and also to my friend who took my video and encouraged me to go ahead in further presentations.

2) My Parents Interview with STUDIO N


4) My Journey:- After a big Failure

The video is dedicated to my beloved Teachers,friends,my College, Grandmother,parents and to all who helped me, supported me...for what I am today. Kindly have a glance. The video shows the success that I had with my projects and my papers after a big failure and what made me to win GOLD MEDAL award.Thank you.

5) Hosted All minds meet 2014 @ Oracle

It's all about All minds meet 2014, where I got the opportunity to host it.A small video where one of my friend captured it.Happy to see my self hosting ALL MINDS MEET 2014...Thanks to HR who believed in me and and gave the opportunity to speak and run the show...among most eminent personalities including Vikram Gupta and many others..I also received award "WE-APPLAUD" for contributing and innovation that I added into Product development.Have a glance.Thank you.


 With Friends (2015):-

Last Day at Ambrosia Resort, OFSS(2015):-

Expedition, journey towards 100km bike riding,Pune Outskirts (2015):-

Hyatt Pune (2015):-

Oracle Park (2015):-

Amanora Village Park (2014) :-

Go karting Pune (2014):-

Team Party @ Barbeque Nations (2014),Pune:-

My 2nd Official Oracle Mumbai Tour @ Tunga Regale Guest House (2013):-

Ganapati Celebrations @ my new House,Pune (2013):-

Birthday Celebrations with colleagues and parents,Pune (2013):-

My Official trip to Mumbai 2013:-

Social Time with parents (2013):-

Bangalore Museum (2012):-


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