My Support

Founder & President of Innovation Club

On 22nd December 2010 I started a club which was named as “Thirst for Innovation” by me. I developed the whole hierarchy and working of the club. The club mainly focuses on developing the R&D skills among the under graduate students. The club has successfully got the management support in terms of all resources for the innovations that are done by the undergraduate students. I am the club president and also the research team head. This was again a big achievement in my life where my HOD and Vice principal of my college supported my idea by permitting me to start the club and by giving required inspiration and motivation to the students and also letting us know the importance of innovation in our day to day life.The club has its own blog.
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Event Head

I organized an event which was named “Green Thirst” by me in my college. The idea behind this event was to plant 120 trees inside the college campus. I could successfully organize a team of 7 members and gave promotions of the event. The event was a huge success where we had more than 120 trees planted by all my college professors and students. The event was held for the first time in my college and I successfully organized it.


On every August 2nd (My birth day), I personally serve the children who stay in orphanages. I love to share with them my thoughts, technologies and make them know why they are here. I spend the money that I have earned as award by presenting papers and projects. My future dream plan is all set to help the children who are intelligent, can be educated and can be worthy to nation and society. 

25th Birthday Celebrations 2k15:-
The best 25th birthday that I could have ever had, so many lovable friends on this friendship day, feeling blessed :)