OWNER OF RK and its co-products:-

RK's owner and the whole proprietary rights belongs to
Saikiran Chavali, the developer of RK and its products.

RK's current products:-

  4. RH-Home Automation and Informative System
  5. RK-Pyro
  6. RK-Scorpio
  7. RK-Pyroid

"RK" signifies the name of owner's grand mother "RAMA KOTESHWARI".

Introduction to RK SM@RT LABS:-

RK SMART LABS is the place where R&D of RK product will take place. RK and its products will be displayed here and their progress info will be kept updated on site. RK's store will help customers to download apps and software's and products.

Achievements of RK:-
  1. RK-won 3rd prize in IIT Bombay's Techfest,Inspire India competition.It was selected among the top 17 teams and won 3rd position at the end of the competition.
  2. Won GOLD MEDAL by CVR college of Engineering.
  3. Was appreciated by IT Secretary of AP.
  4. Was appreciated by NBA chair person.
  5. RK's URC-GUI-MASK was selected among top 11 projects in IIT Kanpur's Techfest.
  6. RK's URC-GUI-MASK was selected as top 10 innovative papers in computer science category in IIT Kanpur's Techfest and was selected for publishing in NERD magazine.
  7. Was Invited in World Conference to give a key note on RK-Home Automation and Informative System.
Developments of RK:-
  1. RK's scorpio android is developed and is working as an interface with RK-Pyro project.
  2. RK's next development is RK-Pyroid which is again android based application.
  3. New automation channels are opened and RK gets linked up with FACEBOOK, TWITTER
  4. RK-Pyroid will release by August. 
  5. RK comes up with language support
RK's New Activation Logic:-

RK comes up with new activation logic, this helps users to upgrade or activate their app. Activation code will activate all the channels provided based on users requirement. Activation is possible through 3 different  channels 

RK's App will be available in 4 different platforms:-

  1. Android
  2. Apple
  3. BlackBerry
  4. J2ME

Images and Videos of RK and its products:-

RK-7v Android App Screen Shots. RK Smart World

Android App-7v RK Home Page

Android App-7v RK Automation Page

Android App-7v RK Profile Page

Android App-7v RK Security Page

Android App-7v RK Services Page

Android App-7v RK Mail Page

Product will be available for sale very soon.

"Innovating Today for a better Tomorrow"

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