RK-Wedding Book

A long cherished day of our life is all set to begin with glorious colors & it makes us feel blessed to celebrate this auspicious occasion of our marriage with you and your family.

We are very much delighted  to invite you to receive your blessings and wishes as we unite in marriage on Dec 6th 2015.

I have created  RK Wedding Book, this is an android powered mobile application which captures all the special moments of the guests who are attending the event and displayed on the big screen showcasing the highlights of the events, it comes up with 4 beautiful features.

RK-Wedding book switches between 4 features  considering time and based on demand requests received from  Server such as Guests entering into the Wedding hall will be given high priority over the Wedding album and more than 1 mobile app can communicate with the big screen parallely through mobile app installed into phones.
  • RK-Wedding-Album(Static)  
    • Showcasing precious moments of Bride and Bridegroom in Video and Image formats with 10 different animations.
  • RK-Wedding-Album(Dyanmic)  
    • Selfie snapshots of Guests, capturing precious moments of Bride and Bridegroom in Video and Image formats with 10 different animations. 
  • RK-GuestBook
    •   Here guests will be given a mobile phone to share their wishes about the wedding couple and snapshots and videos of the guest signing onto the app will be taken showcasing onto the big screen.
    • The guestbook is designed in such a way that it highlights the guest on the big screen as soon as they sign onto the app.
    • The algorithm and the design of guestbook makes it a unique way of displaying guests with 10 different animations.
  •  RK-Welcome Guest
    • This feature takes the snapshot of the guest from mobile app as soon as they enter into wedding hall and welcomes the guest onto the big screen. 
 Snapshots and Video presentation of RK-WeddingBook Application:-

  • RK-WeddingBook Display Software:-

  • RK-WeddingBook Mobile App:-

  • RK-WeddingBook Pre-Wedding Photo shoot:-

P.S. The ideation,design and the development of the project RK-WeddingBook is solely belongs to Saikiran Chavali and every single line of code written in the projects is free from using any kind of 3rd party legal softwares.

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