As the new year arrives time to launch NFC Simulation & Emulation for developers and Users to feel the touch of NFC.

I have come up with an innovation of building RK-NFC-Connect for cross platforms performing NFC Simulation & Emulation.

The idea and the main motto behind developing  RK-NFC-Connect is to build and provide platform for the developers to test and deploy NFC based applications by using NFC-Emulink software.

3 step procedure to make your Non NFC phones to get the NFC touch & feel :). 

Have a look over the screen shots & Videos of RK-NFC-Connect & RK-EmuLink.

  • RK-NFC-Connect & RK-NFC-Emulink Functionality:

  • RK-NFC-EmuLink & NFC-Connect Screen shots:

  • RK-NFC-Emulink Tool Working:

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