Received "We Applaud" Award & Opportunity to Host All Minds Meet Award Function 2014 @ Oracle

It's all about All minds meet Award function 2014, where I got the opportunity to host it and also won "We Applaud" award, another feather in my hat for the contributions made and received the award from Vikram Gupta,the Oracle Flexcube Dev Head....God just made my day...what else I can ask better than this...... I am thankful to my team and my beloved manager Suyog Joshi...who has recognized my efforts and appreciated for the same :)..
many more pics yet to come...:) :)

  • MySelf Receiving "WE-APPLAUD" award from FLEXCUBE KERNEL GROUP Head :)

  • Hosting All Minds Meet 2014 :)

I got the opportunity to host it...A small video where one of my friend captured it...Happy to see my self hosting ALL MINDS MEET 2014...Thanks to HR who believed in me and and gave the opportunity to speak and run the show...among most eminent personalities..including Vikram Gupta and many others...Have a glance..Thank you :)

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