RK Social Media Adapter, An adapter to perform Oauth login process for Mobile phones

 A new tool for Mobile Phone developers where Oauth login process can be performed by overcoming Domain based URLs,proxies on the mobile phone web browsers and many other restrictions that developers face during the Oauth login process with the help of mobile phone emulators or simulators.

RK  Social Media Adapter helps the developers to emulate the real time scenarios of Oauth Login process and gives the accurate results in fetching the Access token and by generating the Oauth URL without the need of domain URLs and proxies.

An innovative process where the development servers are controlled by RK Social Media Adapter and performs Login process in the desktop browsers related to Facebook,Twitter,LinkedIn etc.

Kindly have the glance on the screen shots and much more info will be shared soon along with UML diagrams to understand the flow & also RK will have downloads page where software's will be available for the developers to develop.

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