Singapore Days

Myself and my wife were fortunate to travel down to Singapore and celebrate my birthday in such a beautiful, safe and prosperous country.

It made me feel proud to be there for 5 days and see the beauty and some of the highlighting features of the country.

I could see the small differences when compared to other developing countries which I think has made a huge difference to the growth of Singapore

Every 500 to 700mtrs you can see drinking water available and especially in MRT and Bus stations you will see clean toilets and adding to temperatures of Singapore you can see AC's everywhere you travel around.

Food and drinks are availbale at the same cost be it airport or any public place which makes a huge difference I believe for a common man to buy something.

People in Singapore follow Q's and this is really a big plus point, everywhere be it MRT station, Bus stop or while using the escalators people follow Q's and allow others who are in hurry to reach destination.

MRT or Bus station charges are so affordable to a common man or to the tourist's which makes people use more public transportation rather private.

All public places are well equipped with automated systems and transport is automatized in such a way that you are safe to reach your destination where you might start from.

People are helpful and for Vegetarians options are very little but the place Little India solves that problem as well.

Overall we could carry sweet memories back with us. Posting some of the pics which are so dear to us.

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